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The Global Health Network accelerates and streamlines research through an innovative digital platform, facilitating collaboration and resource sharing across global health. It is a collection of varied member areas connected on a shared digital hub. These member areas are each established professional communities with the aim of supporting research in their specific field. These areas are built and led by researchers or research groups from these fields for other researchers - each setting out to create a space online to build collaborations and open forums for sharing knowledge, methods and tools as well as to build project groups to work on joint activities. Health research involves increasingly lengthy processes and escalating costs, negatively affecting health outcomes in countries where the need is greatest. As a result, researchers have not been able to move fast enough to conduct assessments during critical times such as disease outbreaks like SARS, or the novel coronavirus. There are many commonalities in the process and design of health research studies. A better approach could prevent continuous duplication in solving similar issues that slow down research design and set-up.

Visit The Global Health Network online and see how others are networking and benefiting from sharing their research methods, lessons learned and resources. Take advantage of The Global Health Network’s innovative digital hub to download tools, participate in e-learning courses, set up workshops and generate content. For any general questions about The Global Health Network, please email us.

The newest application added to the network is the Site-Finder application. Site-Finder provides a free online facility for research sites to promote themselves to potential collaborators and sponsors. In parallel, research groups planning studies can let others know about their ideas and that they are looking for others to work with. Sponsors with trials can also conduct highly detailed and informative searches for trial sites that are tailored to their specific needs. Site-Finder automatically links the parties, and an automated messaging system informs sites of new studies relevant to them.

The overall aim of Site-Finder is to support research sites in developing their experience and diversity in types of study in which they are involved. Often research sites have been involved in externally sponsored trials in one disease area and it is then difficult for them to find further studies which they can take part in and to gain the confidence and skills to run their own independent studies. The objective of Site-Finder is to allow sites to make them selves known within their region, and indeed globally, so they have access to wider and more diverse research opportunities.

The Global Health Network also has several other online resources to build and measure research capacity in study staff. The online eLearning centre provides high quality, free and open access online training in research methods. The aim of the online eLearning Centre is to provide study investigators and  study staff with ‘how-to’ training on designing, planning, operationalising and reporting health research studies. We have eSeminars, short courses as well as links to many other free and open access resources. The Professional Membership Scheme on the network provides research staff of all roles and levels with a secure mechanism for documenting personal professional development. It does this by  recording qualifications, tracking training, and verifying levels of experience via  research based core competencies. The Professional Membership Scheme  issues a membership level based on this information that will increase each time a profile is updated. This aims to address the lack of recognition for clinical research as a profession and encourage career development from job to job and study to study.

You are welcome to contact us with any feedback about the Site-Finder application; we welcome your views, ideas and responses. We are also really keen to hear of success stories between sites and studies, so please let us know how the site has worked for you. Please email us on

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