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About Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine is a collection of research groups within the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford, who are permanently based in Africa and Asia as well as a growing number of groups in Oxford. Our research ranges from clinical studies to behavioural sciences, with capacity building integral to all of our activities.

The majority of our research is conducted at three Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes in Kenya, Thailand and Viet Nam as well as the Centre in Oxford. Tropical Medicine also brings together a number of sister groups in Laos, Tanzania, Indonesia and Nepal, and collaborators around the world.

Tackling infectious diseases, which kill many millions of people every year, is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. We are researching solutions to the increasingly urgent problems these diseases cause.

Latest News

Bill and Melinda Gates visit Palin

Bill and Melinda Gates visit Palin

Posted 08/07/2014

In April 2014, Bill and Melinda Gates visited the Targeted Malaria Elimination (TME) study in Palin, Cambodia. The TME study is a collaboration between MORU and the Cambodian National Malaria Control Program and assesses the epidemiology and role of treatment of subclinical falciparum malaria. The visit was hosted by MORU’s Prof Arjen Dondorp, Drs Rupam Tripura and Tom Peto. The Gates Foundation has played a role in pushing the malaria elimination agenda and has also contributed to the funding of the TME studies in South-East Asia.

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Outreach in Viet Nam

Dengue Play
Researchers from OUCRU in Viet Nam have helped to develop a play that teaches primary school children about the dangers of dengue fever and how to prevent it.

The comic play 'Tiny Enemies'  was performed at 21 primary schools, in two HCM City districts with high incidences of dengue fever during May 2014. The play is about Viet who lives in HCM City and contracts dengue fever when she visits her hometown.

The programme is being carried out by OUCRU in co-operation with Thai Duong Theatre Company and sponsored by Wellcome Trust and Sanofi Espoir Foundation.

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