OHSCAR researchers

Professor Mike English


Professor Mike English leads the Health Services Unit at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. This unit aims to strengthen equality in access to affordable quality health care in Africa. Studies are based on health systems clustered around five main topics: malaria, service delivery & access, information for decision making, governance and financing.

Professor English leads efforts to develop multidisciplinary links with Oxford through the Oxford Health Systems Research Collaboration (OHSCAR).



Dr Jacob McKnight


Jacob McKnight is a post-doctoral researcher with an interest in health systems and reform. After working for Medecins Sans Frontieres, he completed a PhD at Said Business School focused on hospital management in Ethiopia. He used organisational and marketing theory to provide new perspectives on public health problems. Jacob will lead the ethnographic element of the Nairobi Newborn Study.



Dr Meghan Leaver


Dr Leaver is a postdoctoral researcher in health systems with an interest in quality and patient safety outcomes. Her research is concerned with organizational aspects of performance in complex and dynamic organizations, specifically the human factors that underpin performance in the healthcare domain. This work draws on context driven behaviours that underlie human error, organizational resilience and influence team performance. Her research adopts human factors approaches to measure and better understand how safety and quality improvement become embedded into practice and what drives the acceptance of best evidence and behaviour change within high-risk organizations in low- and middle- income settings.



Dr Chris Paton


Chris is a Clinical Researcher in the field of health informatics. He is currently researching the role of Open Source Electronic Health Records systems for improving healthcare in developing countries. Chris is the founder of the Health Informatics Forum, a professional education and networking website for health informaticians, and is the vice-chair of the International Medical Informatics Association Social Media Working Group. Chris has been involved in the LIFE project, a scenario-based mobile gaming platform that will teach healthcare workers in remote areas and in Sub Saharan Africa, to identify and manage medical emergencies, using game-like training techniques to reinforce the key steps that need to be performed for a healthcare worker to save the life of a newborn baby in distress. LIFE project recently won a seed grant to refine and develop their mobile phone app.       

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Dr Olga Tosas Auguet

Olga T

Olga is an infectious disease epidemiologist. She joined OHSCAR in November 2015. Her most recent research has focused on outbreak detection, disease mapping, molecular epidemiology and description of transmission dynamics of multi-drug resistant organisms. She is currently chief investigator for two feasibility studies to characterise transmission niches of resistant gram negative bacteria (RGNB) in the community using spatial models. Within OHSCAR, her interest is on identifying novel surveillance approaches to estimate the relative burden and spatial distribution of antibiotic susceptible and antibiotic resistant bacterial species of Public Health interest in resource-limited settings, where healthcare-based routine collection of clinical samples and operational microbiology diagnostic services are not readily available.

Mr Steven Adala

Steven works with the Health Systems Research (HSR) theme area at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, as the Communications/Research Uptake Officer. His work involves liaising with the communications team in Oxford to promote the visibility of HSR activities in Kenya among the Oxford academic community. He has over 7 years’ experience in designing and implementing communication strategies and programmes. He previously worked at the Ministry of Health, National AIDs & STIs Control Program (NASCOP) in various dockets from data management to I.T. systems administrator and is currently pursuing an MSc in Science Governance.