Principal InvestigatorPhotoResearch AreaTechnology Exchange
Baird, J. Kevin Baird, J. Kevin Clinical Epidemiology Drug discovery, Medical statistics and Microscopy (Video)
Baker, Stephen Baker, Stephen Global Health Bioinformatics
Basnyat, Buddha Basnyat, Buddha Global Health  
Beardsley, Justin Beardsley, Justin Global Health Computational biology, Microscopy (EM) and Protein interaction
Boni, Maciej Boni, Maciej Bioinformatics & Stats (inc. Modelling and Computational Biology) Bioinformatics and Computational biology
Bryant, Juliet Bryant, Juliet Global Health Bioinformatics and Vaccine production and evaluation
Carrique-Mas, Juan Carrique-Mas, Juan Global Health Medical statistics
Day, Jeremy Day, Jeremy Global Health  
Karkey, Abhilasha Karkey, Abhilasha Microbiology  
Hamers, Raph Hamers, Raph Global Health  
Hien, Tran Hien, Tran Global Health  
Kestelyn, Evelyne Kestelyn, Evelyne Global Health  
Le, Thuy Le, Thuy Global Health  
Nguyen, Thuong Thuong Nguyen, Thuong Thuong Immunology  
Simmons, Cameron Simmons, Cameron Global Health  
Thi Ngo, Hoa Thi Ngo, Hoa Cell and Molecular Biology  
Thwaites, Guy Thwaites, Guy Clinical Epidemiology  
Thwaites, Louise Thwaites, Louise Global Health  
van Doorn, H Rogier van Doorn, H Rogier  Microbiology  
Wertheim, Heiman Wertheim, Heiman Microbiology  
Wills, Bridget Wills, Bridget Global Health