Research Groups

In addition to our young clinical scientists (Sabina Dongol, Abhilasha Karkey), we have very efficient CMAs (community medical auxiliaries) who help us with close monitoring and follow up of patients in the community. Clinical nurses and resident doctors contribution in carrying out randomized controlled trials and other research activities is exemplary. In addition Mr Krishna Prajapati in charge of microbiology is an integral part of our programme. We are also fortunate to have  the full, very positive and engaging support of the leaders of Patan Hospital (Director) and the Patan Academy of Health Sciences (Vice Chancellor) and the Nepal Health Research Council and the senior clinicians and staff of Patan Hospital.

Dr Buddha Basnyat leads the OUCRU-NP team. The Research Group works in close collaboration with Professor Guy Thwaites and his team at OUCRU in Vietnam.


Dr Buddha Basnyat first trained in medicine in the Punjab, India and then did a masters in respiratory physiology at the University of Calgary, Canada, and an internal medicine residency at the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He is a consultant at Patan Hospital and leads the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit- Nepal based at that hospital. He is also the current president of the International Society of Mountain Medicine. For over a decade he was the professor of physiology at the Tribhuvan University Medical College in Kathmandu. He is now a professor of physiology at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. His research interest lies in working with and helping young clinicians in the study of high altitude illness and undifferentiated febrile illness in the tropics, both common but neglected problems in Nepal. He is also the Medical Director of both the Nepal International Clinic and the Himalaya Rescue Association.