Harnessing digital technology and the sharing phenomena to improve health research in Low resource settings

Project Overview

The Global Health Network is a novel and exciting programme within Oxford’s Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health. The aim is to enable and facilitate more and better health research in low-resource settings. This is achieved by providing an online science park for research consortia to share their methods, outputs and approaches and by delivering research capacity development to frontline healthcare workers both within the regions and online. This platform is highly regarded, trusted and used by research staff and healthcare working in Low and middle-income countries. Another exciting element of our work is in methodology research because we are working to try and improve how research is designed and operated to make it better, easier and faster in the challenging context within which we work. Further, we are harnessing the digital sharing phenomena – so we are using the human behaviour combined with digital technology that is being used commercially and by social media so widely here we are creating communities of practice to enable knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice. Here we are applying this to drive more and better evidence in global health. We offer the opportunity of a novel DPhil that could focus on any one of the many areas within our programme. There are many questions around designing better clinical trials and research protocols, which may appeal to someone with a clinical research background who has an interest in capacity development. Or, for example, there are interesting areas to explore around the application of digital technology to drive more, faster and better research in these settings and this might suit someone with a IT background. We welcome anyone with potential interest to get in touch. This research is likely to require travel to the settings in which our research is based.

Training Opportunities

This DPhil is likely to involve a mix methods approach and so training would be provided in the social science qualitative methods that might be required. The student would certainly be exposed to the realities of health research in low-resource settings and so training would be provided in the undertaking of research in global health. The options for the research are wide and it is likely that some form of training is required that will become apparent as the question is developed. Such training needs would be identified and sought either within Oxford or externally as needed. Our group are highly supportive of providing such training and have many options open to us that we can readily access.


Tropical Medicine & Global Health and Clinical Trials & Epidemiology


Project reference number: 449

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Professor Trudie Lang Tropical Medicine Oxford University, NDM Research Building GBR trudie.lang@ndm.ox.ac.uk

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