Principal InvestigatorPhotoResearch AreaTechnology Exchange
Angus, Brian Angus, Brian Global Health Vaccine production and evaluation
Carson, Gail Carson, Gail Global Health Crystallography and Drug discovery
Dolecek, Christiane Dolecek, Christiane Global Health  
Guerin, Philippe Guerin, Philippe Global Health Bioinformatics and Medical statistics
Haenssgen, Marco Haenssgen, Marco Global Health  
Horby, Peter Horby, Peter Global Health  
Humphreys, Georgina Humphreys, Georgina Global Health SNP typing
Lang, Trudie Lang, Trudie Global Health Drug discovery and Medical statistics
Moore, Catrin Moore, Catrin Microbiology  
Murphy, Georgina Murphy, Georgina Global Health Medical statistics
Paton, Chris Paton, Chris Global Health  
Plugge, Emma Plugge, Emma Global Health  
Tosas-Auguet, Olga Tosas-Auguet, Olga Global Health Medical statistics
Warimwe, George Warimwe, George Immunology Vaccine production and evaluation
Warrell, David Warrell, David Global Health Drug discovery and Vaccine production and evaluation