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How to add a profile

How to add a University member profile

  • From the page ‘Our Team’, select ‘Add new…’, ‘Profile’
  • Fill in First name – Last name – Username = SSO  – Email – Category

A profile created with a SSO will automatically register a user account.

How to add an non-University member profile

Researchers non-affiliated with the University are set up either with an external username (starting with tropx, set up by Symplectic), or with lastname-firsname for example.

If such a profile is later updated with a SSO, you can create a user account:

  1. Delete the existing user account: in Site setup (under your name, top-right) > Users and Groups > select the user and tick 'remove user' > Apply changes
    Note: this opetation can take some time, it is recommended to remove one user at a time
  2. Register a new user account on the profile page: 'Create user account' (under your name, top-right)

How to add a link to a profile on another website

Create a profile with a Username different from the person's SSO (choose Surname-Firstname)

  • Select Profile type = External profile
  • Add the URL to the person's profile on another website
  • Tick the box 'Publications sync disabled'

Save and add a photo, job title and email (if you want email to show on the thumb) on the profile page.

How to edit a researcher profile page

Select ‘Edit content’

Left-hand column

  • Portrait tile: select ‘Edit’ and update title (title, first name, last name) and image (browse, select and ‘save’ – photos come up better cropped square, minimum 300px wide)
  • Contact information tile: select ‘Edit’ and add PA email if relevant
  • Research group tile: this tile will populate automatically once the researcher has been added to the corresponding Research Group: ‘Edit’ the page, on the tab 'Relations' select the researcher and move to the right-hand column; sort alphabetically

Middle column

  • Profile information tile: select ‘Edit’, add the scientis title under ‘main job title’, any other titles under ‘additional job titles’, update and save
  • Text tile: select ‘Edit’, add the group name as Title, and Programme Summary in the body.
    For accessibility and to respect the hierarchy in the headings: if the text tile contains headings, you must add a 'Title' to the tile
    Links must be embedded in the text, and not spelled-out in full

Right-hand column

  • Publications: by default Haiku will show 5 key and 5 recent publications, with their Altmetric score
    Type in and select 'key publications'
    Alternatively, Key publications can be imported via 'favourite' publications in Symplectic

How to add a podcast tile on a profile

  • Select ‘Edit layout’
  • Add an ‘Embed code’ tile and a 'Text' tile in the left-hand side column, ‘Save’
Edit the 'Embed code' tile
  • Title: Podcast interview
  • Description: interview summary
  • Embed code: on the Vimeo page, select ‘Share’, ‘Show options’, untick boxes and copy/paste the Embed code
Edit the ‘Text’ tile
  • No title
  • Add the link in the Text field: link text = View podcast transcript (embed the link to the podcast page)
Note: Haiku handles the fixed size; select ‘View profile’ and it sorts itself out

How to add an image/figure to a profile

  • Select ‘Edit layout’
  • Add an 'Image' tile in the middle-column
    For accessibility, you must add a 'description' which will double as alternative text for the image.
  • Select 'zoom in pop-up'.

How to add socia media to a profile

Add a 'Social media icon' tile, edit and add URL for either Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Note: link to the researcher's ORCID page is added as a 'Social media icon'

How to add DPhil projects and collaborators' map to a profile

Add an 'Embed code' tile, edit and select either 'DPhil projects' or 'collaborations'.

Dont fill in any other field, it will be erased.

How to import a research profile from another website

Copy the URL from the source website

  • In ‘Our Team’ select Action > ‘Add from cloud' and search with (1) name and (2) website
  • Pull - Select categories and tick 'subscribe'
  • Under 'Actions', select 'Sync publications'
  • Publish

How to export profiles

From the page Our Team, there are various format options for export under your name (top-right)

There is currently (Dec 2020) no way to export user accounts.