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It is a bittersweet moment for the KWTRP family as we make changes to our Leadership team. After 10 years of tremendous growth and change in the Programme, Professor Philip Bejon officially steps down as the KWTRP Programme Executive Director. Professor Edwine Barasa takes over as the Interim Executive Director.

Philip Bejon & Edwine Barasa

As the Director of the Programme, Philip has led KWTRP in successfully securing 2 rounds of the Wellcome Core Award, and under his leadership the Programme has grown tremendously in scope and impact.

In his science career and since joining the Programme in 2004, Philip has made major scientific contributions to the Programme in malaria epidemiology and vaccinology examples being his support and valuable contribution in the RTSS Malaria vaccine trials, contribution towards establishing the Human Challenge Studies Platform and providing leadership to the COVID 19 research work among many others. He has equally supported the careers of several PhD students and postdoctoral students. Philip continues being part of the Programme, continuing his research projects and collaborating with colleagues on science.

Edwine has been part of the KWTRP leadership team as the Deputy Director and the Nairobi Programme Director. Edwine is recognized for his work in Health Economics and financing and has rich experience in providing leadership in evidence-to-policy work. “I am excited to lead the KEMRI-Wellcome Programme in our mission to advance global health research and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Together, we’ll drive innovation, collaboration, and positive change for a healthier future” he said. We welcome the changes as we seek new horizons as a Programme.