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The Life-saving Instruction for Emergencies (LIFE) is a 3D simulation training app for smartphones that teaches healthcare workers how to manage medical emergencies. LIFE is a scenario-based mobile and virtual reality (VR) gaming platform that teaches healthcare workers to identify and manage medical emergencies using game-like training techniques to reinforce the key steps that need to be performed in order to save lives.

A newborn baby in view on the pre-warmed resuscitaire with an adjacent trolley having several essential resuscitation equipment.

Healthcare workers can download LIFE scenarios to their mobile phones and play them wherever they want. The mobile app uses novel approaches to mobile learning to keep learners engaged and to efficiently convey the key knowledge they need to know to manage a medical emergency.

LIFE is designed to host a number of different scenarios for learning how to manage a range of medical emergencies. The first scenario we are developing for the LIFE platform is Neonatal Resuscitation.

LIFE was developed by a group of Oxford University academics and doctors working on how mobile and VR technology can be used to deliver high-quality, low-cost simulation-type training for healthcare workers in low-income countries.

In 2016, the LIFE project won the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge and went on to win HTC’s VR for Impact competition in 2017. It is now supported by a wide range of global health organisations including the Wellcome Trust, Medicins Sans Frontieres, USAID, DFID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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