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Health systems collaborative interviews 2018

Watch interviews with Mike English (Health services that deliver for newborns), David Gathara (Quantifying nursing care done (or left undone)), Jacinta Nzinga (Understanding nurses’ work to care for sick newborns), Jacob McKnight (Under pressure, the challenges of neonatal nursing), Sharon Brownie (Nursing Research in a Global Context), Jalemba Aluvaala (The treatment and outcomes of care for sick newborns)

Health systems collaborative interviews 2017

Watch interviews with Chris Paton (Simulation based training), David Gathara (Assessing clinical care in nursing), Jacinta Nzinga (Quality of nursing care for sick newborns), Pratap Kumar (Supporting frontline healthcare workers), Dorothy Oluoch (Roles and perceptions of mothers of hospitalized sick newborns), Gregory Omondi (Improving quality of newborn care), Georgina Murphy (Health systems strengthening)

Health systems collaborative interviews 2014

Watch interviews with Mike English (Better hospitals for children), Benjamin Tsofa (Translating research into policy), Sassy Molyneux (Governance in practice), Edwine Barasa (Economics of hospitals), Grace Irimu (Improving quality of care), Philip Ayieko (Child health interventions), Jacinta Nzinga (Hospitals, health workers and service delivery in Kenya), Jalemba Aluvaala (Newborn care in Kenyan hospitals)