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Working across groups based in NDM-CGHR and in the AAPs are a multi-disciplinary group of researchers and practitioners interested in strengthening equity and ethics in health and research initiatives involving LMICs through conducting social science research and supporting community/public engagement.

Photographer Suphak Nosten and a young Thai girl kicking down corn in a big pile, at the Myanmar-Thai border


(Resilience, Empowerment and Agency in Maternal and Child Health Research (REACH) is a Wellcome Trust funded collaborative research programme involving teams in KenyaSouth Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom

Drawing on interdisciplinary research partnerships in each site, we have embedded social science research within on-going clinical and implementation studies across country sites, with the broad aim of filling critical gaps in ethics guidance for responsible health-related research with women, children and families in low resource settings. 

CTMGH PIs in the REACH collaboration are Phaik Yeong Cheah, Vicki Marsh, Sassy Molyneux and Alun Davies (based in NDM-CGHR, MORU and KWTRP). Further PIs include Maureen Kelley and Michael Parker (Ethox Centre), and Janet Seeley (London School and AHRI, South Africa).

The Global Health Bioethics Network

The Global Health Bioethics Network is a collaborative partnership involving teams in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand-Laos, Vietnam, and the University of Oxford. The Network is funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award and has three aims: to promote and support ethical reflection across the MOPs and their research partners in a wide range of other low-income countries; to build the capacity of the Wellcome Trust Major Overseas Programmes and their partners to identify and address ethical issues in their research; and to facilitate and support ethics research.

CTMGH PIs in the GHBN are Phaik Yeong Cheah, Vicki Marsh, Sassy Molyneux, and Mary Chambers (based in NDM-CGHR, MORU, OUCRU and KWTRP).  Further PIs include Michael Parker (Ethox Centre), Janet Seeley (London School and AHRI, South Africa) and Nicola Desmond (MLW, Malawi).

The social science, ethics and community engagement network Researchers