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The Oxford Health Systems Research Collaboration (OHSCAR) is working towards strengthening Health Systems Research with low and middle income country collaborators. It aims to enable scientists from Oxford to create new knowledge with LMIC colleagues and build capacity in global health systems research while promoting the bi-directional transfer of knowledge between Oxford and LMIC.

Health systems strengthening is key to achieving the new UN Sustainable Development Goals through universal coverage with high quality health care. The Oxford Health Systems Collaboration (OHSCAR) is an Oxford based group led by Professor Mike English together with Dr Chris Paton and Dr Jake McKnight. The team have particular expertise in multidisciplinary research often focused on the neglected challenge of improving the performance of district hospital level services that support newborn and child health. Examples of work include: developing a long-term ‘learning health system’ approach with Kenyan hospitals to improve quality of care; examining effective coverage of neonatal care and the particularly important and neglected role of nurses: leadership and management; and the emergence of and challenges with electronic health records and the potential of mHealth based training tools (LIFE).

Ongoing work is exploring

  • the provision of neonatal care with a whole system perspective and spanning outcomes from survival, quality and safety of care, staff wellbeing to families’ experiences;
  • the challenges with infection prevention and control and conduct ot microbiological surveillance in hospitals as a key issue in preventing emergence of antibiotic resistance;
  • the potential of mHealth tools to support patients’ access to affordable, quality laboratory diagnostic services and how to design mHealth tools to deliver individually tailored learning;
  • implementation research around the introduction of new technologies in Kenya and Vietnam.

The OHSCAR team’s work involves collaborations with social, organisational and education researchers, economists, epidemiologists and clinicians and experts in quality and safety research.

OHSCAR researchers

OHSCAR support team