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Our SOPs and Guides have migrated to SharePoint, which is restricted to our members. These pages are not being updated anymore.

Visit CTMGH Intranet on SharePoint.

Important messages such as warnings that your University Card is about to expire, or Symplectic reminders are sent to your Oxford email account. If you don't regularly use your Oxford email address, we strongly suggest you redirect all messages sent to this account by adding an inbox rule.

Researchers with an Oxford affiliation have received an Oxford email account with the usual format

How to add an inbox rule

  • Visit the University of Oxford IT services page
  • Select ‘Email login’ and sign in with your SSO followed by @OX.AC.UK - for example abcd1234@OX.AC.UK
  • Sign in with your Oxford Single Sign On.

This will open your Nexus365 Outlook page.

  • Select the Settings icon (top right) and ‘View all Outlook settings’ (bottom)
  • Navigate to Email > Rules > Add a new rule
  1. Assign a rule name
  2. Condition = apply to all messages (bottom)
  3. Action = forward to … (your local email address)