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Our SOPs and Guides have migrated to SharePoint, which is restricted to our members. These pages are not being updated anymore and will be deleted on the 1st September 2023. Visit CTMGH Intranet on SharePoint.

Useful links

Haiku Help - Haiku knowledge based guide

Haiku Service Desk - raise a request, for Haiku users who have access to the service desk

Recommendation for new content - summary of what is required for accessibility
How to make a PDF accessible & how to check a PDF for accessibility
Writing for the web - writing to be read, how to make your text easier to read

General update information

How to Rename a page & update an URL

Page title & URL can be edited using: action > rename > rename all

Page title & URL can also be edited in 'Contents': select 'Rename'

If you want to update the URL of a section that has a page selected as default view, navigate to the section in 'Contents' and select 'Rename' at the bottom of the screen

Note: Haiku will keep the 'bread crumb' path when renaming a page; for a shorter URL, create an Alias instead (on the Edit bar). Any alias must begin with '/'

How to edit a list

Options for lists (News, Event, Profile etc.) can be edited in: Contents > Taxonomy library

How to set up a section visible for users logged in

  • Create a section and pages within, set all as 'Hidden'
  • Under 'Sharing', select Logged-in users = can view

Note: it's possible to create a section accessed through a specific local login. Haiku needs to action a developer to set this us; it would function like a pop up on the browser when you select the section

How to set up a section visible for users not logged in

  • Create a section and pages within, set all as 'Published'
  • Edit the Section: in the tab 'Settings', tick the box 'Exclude from navigation'; all pages within the section need to be included in the navigation.

Note: to access the section, navigate through 'Contents'