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How to add a link as navigation item

Create a section, with only a title

Within the section, add a link, with:

  • Title: same name as the section's title
  • URL
  • settings > exclude from navigation

At the section level, view and select Display > Change content item as default view - choose link

Navigation as a tile or a portlet

On a cover page, navigation is added as a tile; on a standard page, navigation is added as a portlet.

For both tile and portlet, you can choose how many levels of navigation are visible, typically one level or two levels.


  • If you select two levels of navigations to be visible, items of an accordion will show, unless each item of the accordion is set as excluded from navigation
  • Navigation portlets won't show for non-logged-in users if any of the parent sections are hidden

If the portlet name doesn't show, tick the box 'Force use of the title specified above'.

How to change order of portlets if one is inherited from a parent page

If one of the portlets is inherited from the parent page, and another portlet is created directly on the page, it might not be possible to change their order directly (there are no up/down arrows)

To change the order of portlets:

  • Block the parent portlet
  • Create a new portlet, with the same configuration as the pre-existing parent portlet
  • Then you can use the up/down arrows to rearrange the order