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How to create a Publications and a News sections

Under 'Content', add a new section

Under your name (top right), select 'Manage features' and select either 'Publications sections' or 'News section'

How to add altmeric donuts on publications page and on profiles

Under your name (top right), select Site Setup → Haiku altmetric 

Select 'Small donut' as Badge Type under 'Listing badge' and 'Portlet / tile badge'

How to set up dropdown navigation

Under your name (top right), navigate Site Setup → Haiku → Navigation → Dropdown Navigation

'Navigation limit' will determine how many items show in the navigation; any more items will feature under 'More'

How to amend header

To add logos to the header

  1. Add logos in the image library. Suggested size 200px height
  2. Navigate under your name (top right) Site Setup → Haiku → Header
    Primary logo will be displayed on the left of the header, secondary logo on the right

How to amend footer

Under your name (top right), navigate Site Setup → Haiku → Footer

Add new items following this format: Privacy Policy|/data-privacy-policy|_blank

How to add logos to the footer

  • Create a section in the image library (called something like ‘footer logos’ or whatever you choose).
  • Upload the logos you want to use in the footer to this section.
  • Once you’ve uploaded an image, click into it in the image library, then click ‘edit.’
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see a field labelled ‘An optional url that the image will link to.’ Paste the URL you would like the image to redirect to into this field, and save.
  • Once you have done this for all required images, copy the tail end of the URL for the section of the image library where you have uploaded these images- For example: /images/footer-logos
  • Then, navigate to Site Setup → Haiku → Footer. Here you will see a field labelled ‘Footer logo folder path.’
  • Paste the URL for the image folder here, and save.

How to create site administrator accounts with remote content

  • Under Our Team, navigate Actions → Add remote content
  • Once the profile is create, under your name (top right) select 'Create user account'
  • Under your name (top right), navigate Site Setup → Users and Groups and tick 'Site administrator across the name