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How to create a News

First add an image in the 'News images' folder (in 'Contents')

Create a News page:

  • From the page ‘News’, select ‘Add new…’, ‘News Item’
  • Give it a headline, lead (summary that will appear on the News summary page), text, publishing date if relevant
  • Add an image: on the tab ‘Media’, select ‘Select’, 'Search for the image' - update image ratio (best is 16x5)
    OR add a video link as ‘Primary Media’ (Vimeo or YouTube) for a News video; if adding a video as Primary Media, add a listing image
  • Select one or more categories
  • Save and publish

How to import a News or Research Highlight from another Haiku website

  • From the page ‘News’, select Action > Add from cloud
  • In the box Keywords and between quotation marks, add the “title” (between quotation marks), select the search button, select and pull
  • Select categories
  • Tick the box ‘Subscribe’ if you want updates on the first site to cascade to the second (you can change it later by selecting Action > Unsubscribe from cloud content)
  • The tick box ‘Subcontent’ will act on pages underneath the page you’re importing

To crop the image, go to Homepage > Contents > Image library > News and select the last image in the list, at the bottom.

How to create a Research Highlight

Research Highlights are ‘links’

First add an image in the ‘Research Highlights images’ folder

Add a Research Highlight:

  • Underneath ‘Research Highlight’ (in ‘News’), select ‘Add new…’, ‘Link’
  • Fill in title, summary (include the date when posted), URL, add image in ‘Media’ and choose ‘Category’
  • Save
  • Under 'Contents’, ‘Show all items’, find the link at the bottomof the page, select the item and press ‘Top’

In the Section, you can choose how many Research Highlights to show (up to 50) - Edit and select the tab 'View'

Research Highlights will automatically appear on the Research page corresponding to the 'category' selected.

How to add Research Highlights (links) as portlet

Navigate to the page where you want to add the portlet, go to 'Manage portlets' from your name in the top right.

  • Add a 'Collection' portlet
  • Add the title you would like to use
  • On the content tab:
    • define the 'Extra fields' you want to show  ('Categories' in this case) 
    • set the number you wish to show
  • On the filters tab:
    • in the 'path' field, enter: '/news/research-highlights'
    • Use the categories field to select the relevant categories for the page.
    • Choose type of content - select 'Link'
    • Review state - select published
    • Sort on - choose 'Position in section'
    • Sort order - choose Ascending
  • Save

How to add a button 'More research highlights' at the bottom of a Collection Tile on a cover page

Edit the Collection tile

Under Button, add an External Link (an internal link won't work)
For example: /news/research-highlights/search?tab=turnkeylink&keywords=&category=hsc&archive=&categories=hsc

Note how to get this link: search News for a category (for example HSC), then add /research-highlights/ in the URL, just after /news/, and select 'Links'
This won't work for news categories that contain the special character &

View HSC Research Highlights on the NDM-CGHR website

How to create an additional News page on your website

When creating an additional News section, you need to tell the system that the section requires the 'News' behaviour

  • Add a section
  • Looking at the empty section, go to your name (top right) and select 'Manage features'
  • Select the section type - in this instance 'News'
  • Save the form