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How to add a podcast

Under Meet our Researchers, select Add a New ‘Webpage’:

  • Title: speaker (first-name last-name) & interview title
  • Short title: first-name last-name podcast
  • Summary: summary of the talk; plain text: ignore any formatting & link
  • Text: transcript
  • Media: primary media = Youtube or Vimeo link for the video
    Listing image: select the corresponding image from the podcast folder

Under your name, select ‘Manage portlets’

  • Secondary portlet: select 'add a portlet' > ‘Our Team portlet’ and select the speaker’s name
  • Secondary portlet: select 'add a portlet' > Static text: Header = speaker’s name, Text = summary about their research

Display: select 3 columns display

How to set the End screen on a Vimeo video and how to stop YouTube video suggesting other videos to watch: see page on images and videos

How to add the podcast on the cover page Meet our researchers

  • Select 'Compose'
  • In the 'Content chooser', search for the podcast and drop it on the tile
  • Edit the tile and drag the podcast to the top of the page

How to import a podcast from another website

You need to add the podcast to the folder 'Podcasts' first, and then amend the cover page

  • From the folder 'Podcasts' select Action > Add from cloud
  • In the box Keywords and between quotation marks, add the “title”, press the search button, select and pull
  • Tick the box ‘Subscribe’ if you want updates on the first site to cascade to the second (you can change it later by selecting Action > Unsubscribe from cloud content)
  • The tick box ‘Subcontent’ concerns pages underneath the page you’re importing
  • Manage portlets, Secondary Porlets, add a ‘Our team portlet’ and a ‘Static Text’ portlet for the researcher’s summary
  • Amend the cover page (Compose)