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Search for your profile in Our Team and sign in (top right) with your Oxford SSO (single sign on, usually 4 letters followed by 4 numbers)

How to update your profile

  • Select ‘Edit content’
  • Each box shows a button ‘Edit’ when you hover on the box: ‘Edit’, update and ‘Save’ each box in turn
  • As a photo, please use a square file min 300 px wide
  • Can you please make sure that your research summary (middle column) is up to date? Ideally it should be 250-300 words long. Best practice for the web is short sentences in short paragraphs.
  • Please ensure that all images have a legend - the legend will double as alternative-text, which is a requirement for accessibility
  • For accessibility, links must be embeded in the text and not spelled-out in full, and open in the same window
  • For Key publications, select ‘Edit’ and type the publication's title in the box and select; choose up to 5 key publications

To ensure that your profile is accessible

From September 2020, all content within our website must be accessible. Please read our Recommendations for new content for a summary.

Your profile

Left-hand side column

On your profile page the left-hand side column may contain

  • A photo
  • Contact information with your email address, PA
  • Podcast interview
  • Social media links
  • Research group
  • Collaborations & map
  • Oxford College

Middle column

  • Your title, qualifications and roles
  • Your programme summary
  • Figures and/or photos with a short legend

Right-hand column

  • Link to your ORCID page
  • Publications (automatically imported from Symplectic)
    • Key publications
    • Recent publications: your 5 most recent publications in Symplectic