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If you wish to film on NDM premises

Please contact the relevant Business Manager as soon as possible to get permission to film within our buildings.

Risk assements are required, as well as puting a notice at the entrance that filming is underway. We expect you to ensure that disruption to people working in the building will be kept at a minimum.

Please provide as much notice as possible. It takes time to consider requests, so you should not expect to be given permission to film with less than a week's notice; a month is preferable.

Filming in Oxford University Hospitals

The Oxford University Hospital sites (John Radcliffe, Churchill, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and Horton General) are private property, and therefore the same rules apply to filming/photography inside and outside the buildings. This is to protect patient confidentiality and privacy.

All requests for filming and/or photography on hospital sites must be made in advance through their Media and Communications Unit. This applies to members of the public (including people who work for the Trust, hospital volunteers and medical students) as well as the media.

More information can be found on the University guidance for Working with Oxford’s NHS Foundation Trusts media teams

Please do not arrive on any of the hospital sites without permission. If you do so, you may be asked to leave by Trust security.

If you do obtain permission for filming and/or photography, please bear the following rules in mind at all times:

  • Do not film or photograph, in a way that will identify them, patients who have not given their written consent to be filmed (The Trust can provide filming consent forms for patients)
  • Do not film or photograph, in a way that will identity them, vehicle registration plates or patient records
  • Obtain verbal consent from staff before filming or photographing them
  • Respect the wishes and requests of any patients or staff that you are filming with.

Filming in Oxford

For advice on filming in Oxford, including permissions for public areas not associated with the University of Oxford (e.g. filming on the public highway or footpath), please see filming information provided by the Oxford City Council.

When planning to film in Oxford (film, TV, photography) visit the Location Oxfordshire website. Here you will find all of the information you need regarding filming permits, parking permits and the people you need to speak to in order to ensure all permissions have been granted.

  • Services: Location Oxfordshire also has a list of local services for external film companies on its website including: accommodation, equipment hire etc.