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Prepare the interview

Three months before

One week before

  • Pre-podcast meeting: discuss the outline with the interviewee, explain the process, dry run

Filming & Editing podcasts

Before the interview

  • Check the PI's titles, title of the talk, funding bodies (email sponsors for permission to use their logo - save emails)
  • Prepare opening and closing slide(s) (size 1600 x 900 px) with high-definition logos; leave a white border around the slide

During the interview

  • Take lots of notes! Questions that were repeated, which take is the best, any background noises, where to add slides
  • Anyone featured in films will need to sign a consent form, downloadable from the University photography and GDPR toolkit

After the interview

  • Send notes to the editor: what to keep and what to drop, in which order
  • Check slides & additional footage/videos and where to add them