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Our SOPs and Guides have migrated to SharePoint, which is restricted to our members. These pages are not being updated anymore and will be deleted on the 1st September 2023. Visit CTMGH Intranet on SharePoint.

University filming Q&A

The University filming guidance is provided by the Public Affairs Directorate and includes what advice and resources are available to help you commission or record your own films

Plan your video

Before you start, plan your video with as much detail as possible, including:

  • a synopsis of the film, or detailed information about its content
  • where the film will be published
  • impact
    • in a sentence, for a non-specialist, what is this film about?
    • what external audiences should this appeal to? (e.g. educated general public, school children, business, academics)
    • what internal audiences should this appeal to? (e.g. funding bodies, members of the University)
    • what are the explicit messages? (e.g. impact of this technology)
    • what are the implicit messages? (e.g. showing women in senior scientific role)
    • is the film time sensitive? (e.g. tie publication with WHO campaign, new policy, important visit)
    • what long-term life do you hope this film would have? (e.g. educational material, footage to give to funding bodies)
  • what and where you want to film
  • who you wish to film at the University
  • what you will ask interview subjects, preferably a list of questions
  • preferred dates for filming and how long you estimate filming will take
  • number of people in the film crew
  • when the film will be published/broadcast