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How to get the list of publications awaiting deposit

  • Navigate from the Menu (top left) -> Open Access -> OA Monitor -> User Engagement Depositing
  • Refine by group(s) or user(s): Oxford > MedSci Div > NDM > Tropical Medicine > your manual group
  • Sort publications by Total publications awaiting deposit (highest first)

To get the list of accounts with pending publications, navigate same as above, and sort publications by Total pending publications (hightest first)

How to update the Date of Acceptance of a publication

On the homepage, select Missing acceptance dates and click on the publication's title

Under Data Sources, check if there is a 'Manual record'

    • If there is a manual record, select 'Edit record' and add the date of acceptance
    • If there is no manual record, select Add manual record; the manual record will come up pre-populated; add the date of acceptance and save.

The date of acceptance can often be found in the DOI or the publication's PDF.

How to get the list of accounts in your manual group

Navigate from the Menu (top left) -> System admin -> User management -> User groups

To find a group, select: Oxford > MedSci Div > NDM > Tropical Medicine > your manual group

To get the list of Group members: click on the corresponding number.
Note: inactive accounts are greyed-out

  • To remove a researcher, click on the 'X' next to the name
  • To add a researcher, type the name in the corresponding field

Wellcome Open Research publications

Wellcome Open Research publications are:

  1. Submitted
  2. Published = Online publication date 
  3. Reviewed – with successive versions possible, each receiving or not green ticks
  4. Accepted = Acceptance date, once the paper receives two green ticks (date for the second tick is the date of acceptance)

Wellcome Open Research publications do not follow the usual model submit - review - accept - publish: the publication date is prior to the date of acceptance

How to check if a publication has a PMCID

Run a basic report from the Menu (top left) -> Reporting -> Reports & Dashboards -> Basic Reports

  • Select a user
  • Under '3. Select data export or report' select Returns = Research outputs by data source

This will create one row per publication for every data source; look for the column 'External identifiers' with a PMC

How to 'delete' a publication

You can 'delete' a publication from Symplectic by removing all author links. Publications 'orphaned' from any Oxford authorlinks will be removed as part of a system data cleasing.

Need more help?

More details and updates can be found on Symplectic's User Guides, on the University of Oxford Research Support pages and on Symplectic FAQs page (all accessible via SSO)