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Our SOPs and Guides have migrated to SharePoint, which is restricted to our members. These pages are not being updated anymore and will be deleted on the 1st September 2023. Visit CTMGH Intranet on SharePoint.

Symplectic general information

Symplectic is a web based publications management system. It records articles, books, conferences, patents etc.
Records are updated fortnightly: the system automatic searches databases such as PubMed, Web of Science,  Scopus, etc.

Log into Symplectic, via Oxford Single Sign On to claim or reject your research outputs

Symplectic is flexible, it is possible to:

  • expand or narrow down search settings
  • manually add a publication
  • nominate a delegate
  • merge duplicates

Instruction documents are available within the help section of Symplectic, on the University of Oxford Research Support pages and on Symplectic FAQs page (all accessible via SSO)

How to update search settings

Navigate from the Menu (top-left) -> My profile -> Settings -> Name-based Search

Update variants, 'Save' (at the bottom) and press 'Run my searches'

To Clear all pending publications (on the homepage), in the box 'Research outputs', select the three dots and 'Clear pending'

How to manually add a publication

Navigate from the Menu (top-left) -> My profile -> Settings -> Name-based Search

Under 'Specific article IDs', add the Article ID and select the corresponding online database (for example PMID and PubMed)

'Save' (at the bottom) and press 'Run my searches'

How to nominate a Delegate

Navigate from the Menu (top-left corner) -> My profile -> Settings -> Manage delegates

The person might need to be added to the system first; please send a request to Symplectic with the person's full name (incl. title), email address and SSO.

Note: only account holders can nominate delegates, not Departmental users

How to merge duplicates

  • Add both publications to your workspace: on the three dots select 'Add to workspace'
  • Navigate to your workspace from the Menu (top left) -> My profile -> Tools -> Workspace
  • Select both publications and press the blue icon 'Join’

Click the orange label (marked with a wheelbarrow) by the item to remove it from your workspace.

Note: Symplectic might be unable to merge duplicates found in the same database; this is actually a mistake in the database. Please check which mention is an error (usually incomplete), decline it and approve the other one.

If both records have a deposited file attached to them, Symplectic will ask you which file to keep. Please bear in mind that you will lose the file (in Symplectic, not in ORA) and first deposit date for the record you delete so make sure you don’t lose the required first deposit date. If files on both records are already deposited in ORA (the record shows as 'Live' or 'In review'), keep the record with the earliest deposit date.