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During the second term, in addition to some continued core content, students can select two of the following six options for further study

  1. Vaccinology (in collaboration with the Jenner Institute) (led by Prof Adrian Hill and Prof Andy Pollard) is for those with an interest in the application of more basic science. The module will examine the science of vaccine development and the challenge of its application in real world contexts. The content will cover advances at the cutting edge of vaccine development.
  2. Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: This option (in collaboration with NDOG) (led by Prof Stephen Kennedy and Dr Sophie Janet): addresses in more depth the persisting challenges faced by mothers, infants and young children in resource limited settings. Topics will engage with the current challenges, discuss viable solutions and address the obstacles to implementation.
  3. International Development and Health: This option (led by Dr Proochista Ariana), offered jointly to MPhil students in Development Studies, aims to introduce students to the important linkages between processes of development (political and economic) and health. The module challenges conventional health thinking and compels a broader consideration of the inter-related factors affecting the health of populations.
  4. Development, Environment and Health: This innovative option (led by Dr Proochista Ariana and Professor Katrina Charles) brings together students (and teachers) from Geography, Development and Global Health to engage with a series of cases illustrating the intersection between processes of development, environmental changes and human health.
  5. Case Studies in Field Epidemiology: This module, led by Prof Harold Jaffe and Dr Mary Chamberland, aims to familiarise students with the principles of field epidemiology by lectures and discussions of outbreak investigation case studies.
  6. Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases: Led by Prof Lisa White and Assistant Prof Wirichada Pan-Ngum, this module provides basic practical skills which establish a foundation for further research or facilitate critical appraisal of mathematical modelling appearing in the scientific and grey literature.

Teaching Fellows in Tropical Medicine