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Frontiers of Global Health: Using Research for Policy. The Oxford Senior Executive Programme in Global Health aims to provide cutting edge research updates delivered by world-renowned researchers. The week is structured with discussions around opportunities for and challenges in generating relevant evidence, synthesizing existing evidence, using evidence to inform policy, implementing complex interventions and evaluating such interventions.

Oxford ratcliffe

The programme is aimed at high level governmental and non-governmental decision makers and key stakeholders in global health.

Fees: course fee including accommodation, meals and special events: £8500.00

The conference will be hosted at Exeter College with participants housed at the college’s Cohen Quad site:  Alongside the daily sessions, a full programme of social events have been arranged, including formal dinners in several university colleges, the Divinity School and historic Ashmolean Museum, and bespoke tours of select library and museum collections.

You can find a list of key speakers and details of how to apply on the course webpage