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Anouska Bharath

Health Economist

Anouska undertook her BSc, MSc and PhD at University College London, developing academic expertise in the areas of statistics, economic, engineering, and biomechanics. Working at Nature fuelled her passion to take her academic research to the next level, and Anouska subsequently pursued a role at the University of Oxford as a Health Economist in both the AToME and MAEMOD groups. Here, she studies the cost-effectiveness of malaria interventions supporting decision-making in South East Asia. Alongside, Anouska has had the opportunity to evaluate vaccine efficacy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with resulting work being published in Nature Communications. Anouska actively takes on teaching opportunities in the areas of economics, mathematics and health-related disciplines hoping to further both research and teaching paths professionally. 

New Richards Building
Old Road Campus
Roosevelt Drive