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Doris Nyamwaya

Doris Nyamwaya

Social media


Prof George Warimwe

Prof Thumbi Mwangi

Doris Nyamwaya

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine


MSc Microbiology, The University of Nairobi, 2016

BSc Microbiology and Biotechnology, The University of Nairobi, 2013

Previous Experience

Research Officer at Kemri Wellcome trust on arboviral research; May 2017- Sep 2018

Graduate fellow on animal health and zoonoses at international livestock research institute

Oct 2014 – Dec 2015

Statistical analysis trainer at the training centre for communication (TCC): Aug 2016- to date


Characterising the endemicity and disease burden of chikungunya virus infections in coastal Kenya

Characterization of the epidemiology of Chikungunya virus in Kilifi both in the community and among hospitalized patients is complete. I have isolated the viruses and am engaged in genomic characterization. Planning to begin a 20-year longitudinal seroprevalence investigation within the same community.

Team: Graduate Students


Big Data Institute

University of Oxford 
Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery

Old Road Campus

Oxford OX3 7LF