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Dr Lakshmi Manoharan

Dr Lakshmi Manoharan

Lakshmi Manoharan

ERGO Research Assistant (Medical Epidemiologist)

I am a medical epidemiologist and doctor working in the Epidemic Diseases Research Group.

My current work is with the multi-institution NIHR projected VEEPED (Vaccine Efficacy and Evaluation of Priority Emerging Diseases) which applies mathematical modelling and infectious disease epidemiology for the design of potential vaccine efficacy studies for emerging diseases. I am focusing on two UK priority diseases, hantavirus and Q- fever. Both are zoonotic diseases and my research centres on the epidemiology and risk factors of these infections. In addition, I am researching the epidemiology and vaccine landscape of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

I am interested in the epidemiology of infectious diseases and outbreaks, particularly zoonotic infections, and the social and environmental factors which contribute to these. My other interests lie in effective scientific communication, and the importance of transferring evidence into policy.

Previously I have worked as a medical doctor in Australia in a variety of metropolitan, rural and low resource settings.