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Dr Markus Winterberg

Dr Markus Winterberg

Podcast Interview

Dr Markus Winterbert from our MORU unit in Bangkok, Thailand, tells us about his research on biomarkers for tropical diseases.

Markus Winterberg

Head of Laboratory

Clinical Pharmacology

Markus Winterberg heads the biochemistry laboratory and the ISO 15189 accredited routine laboratory for drug quantification in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at MORU. The key aspect of his research is ‘trop-med-omics’, the application of mass spectrometry-based bioanalysis in tropical medicine.

Having a background in malaria physiology and biochemistry, he pursues his research on the metabolism of antimalarial drugs and the discovery of biomarkers for tropical diseases. The aim of his research is to gain a deeper understanding of the interaction between host, pathogen and drug and uncover markers for the identification of pathogens and their drug resistants mechanisms. The definitive goal is the translation of laboratory research into non-invasive, field-based assays for the identification of pathogens, improving diagnostics and treatment of patients. 

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