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Nicole Feune de Colombi

Nicole Feune de Colombi

Nicole Feune De Colombi

Project Manager & Knowledge Exchange Lead (TGHN)

With a background as an MD (specialized in internal medicine) and with a Masters in International Health from the University fo Oxford, Nicole’s current focus in using mixed methods to strengthen health systems through capacity building.

As the Project Manager and Knowledge Exchange Lead, Nicole is closely engaging with the various research groups who collaborate within The Global Health Network and working with them to encourage the sharing and reporting of methods, tools and resources across a wide range of areas and geographic regions, with the ultimate aim of changing and speeding up research.

Within her role, Nicole coordinates The Global Health Network knowledge exchange programmes activities such as webinars and workshops, (in multiple languages), in association with partner institutions and international networks. She also leads the establishment and further coordination of virtual Research Implementation Working Groups, creating synergies amongst researchers to actively address and solve challenges during global pandemic.

As the Project Manager of The Global Health Network, Nicole draft progress reports, routine communication updates required by the donor and key partners and stakeholders, as well as contributing to all grant and funding applications, in an administrative and scientific role.

Team: TGHN

New Richards Building
Old Road Campus
Roosevelt Drive