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Tamara Mulenga Willows

Tamara Mulenga Willows

Tamara Mulenga Willows


Research Assistant

Dr Mulenga Willows provides research support to the ‘Avoiding preventable deaths through the Provision of Essential Treatment in Critical Illness in the COVID-19 pandemic (POETIC-COVID)’ project. She coordinates qualitative data analysis with teams in Kenya and Tanzania in addition to other project support duties.

Before working on the POETIC-COVID study, Tamara worked as a junior doctor in the NHS as well as a Health Behaviour Change Fellow at the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia, as part of the Global Health Corps Fellowship. During this period she led her team on a qualitative research study focused on influencers of birth delivery location among peri-urban women in Lusaka.

Tamara is also interested in improving the engagement ethnic minorities in England in various aspects of health. Alongside Oxford City Councillors, CEPI, Oxford-Astra-Zeneca Vaccine Researchers and the Zambians Together civil organisation, she participated in digital workshops about the COVID-19 vaccines for ethnic minorites and African diaspora groups in the UK, US and Zambia.