Clinical Trial Methodology In Developing Countries

Project Overview

There is increasing international effort to change how clinical trials are designed and conducted and these new methods need to be guided by evidence. Very little of this methodology research is addressing clinical trials in developing countries and yet it is in these regions where clinical trials could bring the most profound improvements to public health. Furthermore, populations in developing countries are under-represented in research and this global inequity to clinical research results in a lack of new drugs and vaccines and no improvements to disease management practices in disease of poverty. Our group focuses on the operational elements of trial design and conduct in developing countries. Within this area there are many potential questions that could be developed into a very interesting and novel DPhil. Students would be based in Oxford but must be willing to travel as it is likely that data collection would be required in the field - which could be short or longer visited depending on the nature of the research.

Training Opportunities

The research is likely to incorporate quantitative and qualitative methods as well as other approaches, such as process mapping, depending on the question. The student would have the opportunity to learn about clinical trial design and operation whilst being immersed in the area of Global Health. By working within the department of Tropical medicine the student would gain a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the wide issues and priorities that currently exist in this field.


Tropical Medicine & Global Health and Clinical Trials & Epidemiology


Project reference number: 378

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Professor Trudie Lang Tropical Medicine Oxford University, NDM Research Building GBR

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