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The GRAM Project is a highly collaborative global project and we seek the support of networks, research institutions, individual researchers, Ministries of Health, hospitals and others in helping to determine the global burden of antimicrobial resistance using the best evidence available.

Composite photos, with group photos from the Abacus project, the Walter Reed project in Nairobi, Kenya, the CHILDS Trust Medical Research Foundation in Chennai, India, the KICK-AMR Pacific Partnership in Melbourne, Australia
GRAM collaborators (left to right) from the ABACUS (Antibiotic Access and Use) Project; Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) United States Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa (USAMRD), Nairobi, Kenya; The CHILDS Trust Medical Research Foundation (CTMRF), Chennai, India; the KICK-AMR Pacific Partnership.

We would like to invite you to become part of this collaboration and share existing data you might have in your databases, particularly anonymised, non-identifiable, patient level microbiology data linked to clinical records and patient outcomes from 1990 onwards. We realise this data may not be linked and we would welcome a discussion with you about any data you believe might be appropriate.


For further information and inquiries, please contact: Dr Barney McManigal, Senior Communications and Public Engagement Officer, The GRAM Project