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Annie Browne

Data Analyst and Researcher

Chris Murray

IHME Director; Chair, Department of Health Metrics Sciences

Ben Cooper

Professor of Epidemiology

Nicholas Day

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Christiane Dolecek

Associate Professor

Freddie Fell

Data Analyst

Bahar Hamadani

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine

Lara Hartley

Administrator / PA

Simon Hay

Professor; Director of Research Strategy, IHME

Kevin Ikuta

Research Scientist

Emmanuelle Kumaran

Data Analyst

Barney McManigal

Senior Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Mohsen Naghavi

Professor; Director of Subnational Burden of Disease Estimation, IHME

Gisela Robles Aguilar

Global Burden of Disease Researcher

Benn Sartorius

Senior Geospatial Infectious Disease Modeler and Global Health Epidemiologist

Andy Stergachis

Professor of Pharmacy and Global Health, and Senior Investigator

Eve Wool

Senior Research Manager