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Oxford Tropical Medicine Day

World experts from Oxford, Kenya and Thailand will talk about the challenges of global health research, as well as a case presentation from Oxford.

  • Ana Cruz: Zika virus in the post-epidemic phase: An evolving narrative
  • Rose McGready: The long road to WHO approval: Artemisinin therapy for treatment of malaria infection in the first trimester
  • Jake Dunning: Monkeypox: From a ‘tropical’ problem to a global health problem
  • Sassy Molyneux: Strengthening ethical practice at the frontline of global health research: Reflections on opportunities and challenges
  • Mary Warrell: Rabies
  • Tri Wangrangsimakul: Case presentation: What lies beneath

Join us on Teams, 9th December at 9am

Composition of several images representing the tropics, with a paddy field, a boat on a river, a temple, houses on stilts on a river, and tropical food

View recordings of Oxford Tropical Medicine Day presentations

Safe Medical Products webinar

View the recordings of our webinar on Ensuring good quality and safe use of medical products, with Konnie Bellingham and Ryan Walker

Konnie Bellingham and Ryan Walker

Konnie presented her work on the quality of antibiotics. Ryan Walker spoke about identifying priorities for pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Check the AfOx website for upcoming insakas

Seminar room with the text AfOx insaka

The AfOx insakas are a platform to share ideas and knowledge about Africa-focused research with speakers from diverse and varied academic disciplines.


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Medicine Quality & Public Health Conference 2018

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