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A group of medical staff

Our graduates take what they learn through IHTM and use it to address health challenges in their post-IHTM working environments. They draw on connections they gained with faculty on the course to extend partnerships and to promote collaboration. Below are just a few examples of the work that IHTM alumni are undertaking post IHTM.

Giri Rajahram IHTM 2021

A photo of IHTM alumnus Giri Rajahram (IHTM 2021)"IHTM has given me the tools to advocate for the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the communities that I serve. Studying at Oxford was a privilege, and I always strive to pay it forward.”

After IHTM, Giri returned to Sabah, Malaysia where he has conducted and advocated clinical research, enabling policymakers to provide evidence-based public health policies and guidance. Find out more

Yasangra Rabo-Adeniji IHTM 2021

Yasangra Rabo-Adeniji IHTM 2021. Head and shoulders photo.“Coming back to Nigeria after IHTM has given me the opportunity to motivate and impact both the medical students I teach and resident doctors in the department of paediatrics. In addition to the academic dimension, they see me as a role model who made it from Gombe State to the University of Oxford and serves as a constant reminder that they can aim for the stars.

I look forward to contributing my quota to national development through clinical practice, research, mentoring and policy.”

Find out more about Yasangra's work post-IHTM.

Li Ann Ong IHTM 2018

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM student Li Ann Ong“Without IHTM it would have been difficult to bridge the gap between being a clinician and working with organisations such as the UN looking at healthcare structures, governance and policies. IHTM gave me both the access and also the skills to change direction.” 

Li Ann talks about how IHTM helped her to transition from clinical medicine to a wider, more holistic approach to health care.

Sopuruchukwu Obiesie IHTM 2019

A head and shoulders photo of Sopuruchukwu Obiesie

"Outside my research work, I have tried to give back to my local community. I have organised in-person workshops for teachers at a local school and an online workshop for mothers on the use of positive discipline approaches for education and parenting. This was made possible through the communication, presentation and organisation skills I honed during IHTM."

Read more about the impact that IHTM has had on Sopuruchukwu's research.

Bothaina Eltigani IHTM 2021

Head and shoulders portrait photo of IHTM student Bothaina Mustafa“IHTM was like a menu with all my favourite dishes. There were so many important topics: ethics, research engagement, critical thinking, negotiation and leadership. All of these have shaped how I approach the next stage of my global health career.”

Bothaina has been working collaboratively to help those affected by the conflict in Sudan. Read more 

Julius Gilayeneh IHTM 2016

IHTM alumnus Julius Gilayeneh at his desk“IHTM has been instrumental in setting me on the pathway of becoming a leader in global health care. It was an experience that changed my perspective and approach to public health problem solving, especially within the context of resource poor countries.” 

Read more about how Julius implements the teaching from IHTM to ensure evidence is utilised in health policy generation in Liberia.

Parinda Wattanasri IHTM 2019

IHTM student Parinda Wattanasri“IHTM gave me the skills to approach work efficiently and this has enabled me to take on more and make the most of my time. I also share what I learnt from IHTM with my students, so that the course has a ripple effect, it really is impacting international health.”

Parinda talks about her work in Thailand with digital vaccine passports and how she has applied the teaching from IHTM.

Md Zakiul Hassan IHTM 2020

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM alumnus Md Zakiul Hassan“IHTM was a transformative experience, teaching a range of skillsets and providing multiple opportunities for collaboration with both the faculty and fellow students. This has continued long after I graduated. IHTM provides ongoing support for my growth as a researcher and has set me on the path to become a global health leader.”

Hassan speaks about his experience at The Pandemic Sciences Institute, and working for icddr,b in Bangladesh. 

Chinwe Ogbonnaa-Njoke IHTM 2015

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM alumna Chinwe Ogbonnaa-Njoke“IHTM gave me the skills and confidence to pursue my paediatric specialisation and contribute towards improving health and wellbeing for children in my community. I remain grateful to IHTM for shaping my goals and career invaluably.”

Read about Chinwe's research

Sophie Janet IHTM 2015

An IHTM alumna in a medical environment“IHTM shaped my vision and gave me not only the credentials but also the confidence to believe that I could be an ‘actor of change’.”

Find out more about how IHTM influenced Sophie's work as a Paediatric Advisor with Médecins Sans Frontières Spain based in Senegal. 

Nicole Advani IHTM 2019

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM alumna Nicole Advani“I learnt so much from IHTM through both the global experts within the faculty and from my fellow students who had far-reaching experience in diverse contexts. Our lecturers would go above and beyond to help us, and were a genuine connection with the global health space."

Read more about Nicole's highlights from studying IHTM.    

Saidat Akanbi IHTM 2015

Head and shoulders photo of Saidat an IHTM alumnaSaidat works in the digital health space in Nigeria, coordinating social impact projects that are targeted at expanding family planning and primary health care services. She used her experience as a STEMNet volunteer at Oxford to implemented a HealthySTEM project which was recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative as committing to building Africa's next generation of women leaders in STEM.

Find out more about Saidat’s work.

Terrence Epie IHTM 2019

A head and shoulders photograph of Terence Epie graduating.

"IHTM opened my eyes to how we can use knowledge to achieve goals, it was a game-changer. I now want to combine my clinical, global health and MBA skills, to address the high burden of trauma in Africa using a global orthopaedic surgery approach."

Terence talks about the impact IHTM has had on his work as Director of Operations and Business Development at the African Trauma Initiative.


Luis Felipe Reyes IHTM 2021

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM student Luis Felipe Reyes (IHTM 2021)“The multicultural experience was one of the many benefits of IHTM. It was an amazing year, the perfect environment to grow as a scientist and public health worker.”

Felipe is an Associate Professor at the Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia and works at The Pandemic Sciences Institute in Oxford. Find out more about Felipe's work.

Ainura Moldokmatova IHTM 2018 and Aibek Mukambetov IHTM 2021

A montage of images from an IHTM alumna initiative in Kyrgyzstan"We had a unique opportunity to learn from the best academics from around the world and build networks with research groups and institutions, which we utilised in our work in Kyrgyzstan.

Following IHTM, all these acquired skills were extremely valuable in our work with national and international partners."

Further information on how IHTM influenced the use of mathematical modelling to combat COVID-19 in Kyrgystan.

Amen-Patrick Nwosu IHTM 2019

Head and shoulders photo of IHTM alumnus Amen Patrick Nwosu"I cannot overstate the impact of IHTM and the faculty on my growth and development as an early-career public health expert, and I am eternally grateful to my funders who are ultimately responsible for everything that I am becoming!"

Read more about Amen and the impact IHTM has had on his career.

COVID-19 Working Groups

icon with a covid particle and a chemical test tube representing the alumni working groupsDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, IHTM alumni started working groups focused on furthering the understanding of the virus. These working groups cover a range of fields that examine the impact, challenges and experiences of COVID-19 in limited resource settings.

Each working group draws on the individual expertise and background of our alumni. Find out more

Building Health Research Capacity in Seychelles

A photo of Dr Sylvie Pool (IHTM Alumna), Dr Sanjeev Pugazhendhi (Senior Policy Analyst, MOH), Dr Emelyn Shroff (Director of Research, MOH), Mr Ned Rosalie (Statistician, MOH) with Prof Proochista Ariana (Course Director IHTM)In an innovative collaboration, IHTM works in partnership with the Seychelles Ministry of Health (MoH) with the aim of building capacity around research, evidence synthesis and statistics for health policy and evidence-based practice.

Read more about the partnership