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Recent publications by Researchers affiliated with the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Oxford Nanopore MinION Sequencing Enables Rapid Whole Genome Assembly of Rickettsia typhi in a Resource-Limited Setting.

Journal article

Elliott I. et al, (2019), The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

Distinct rates and patterns of spread of the major HIV-1 subtypes in Central and East Africa.

Journal article

Faria NR. et al, (2019), PLoS pathogens, 15

The role of active case finding in reducing patient incurred catastrophic costs for tuberculosis in Nepal.

Journal article

Gurung SC. et al, (2019), Infectious diseases of poverty, 8

Antibiotic resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis from genome sequence data with Mykrobe

Journal article

Hunt M. et al, (2019), Wellcome Open Research, 4, 191 - 191

Analysis of erroneous data entries in paper based and electronic data collection

Journal article

Ley B. et al, (2019), BMC Research Notes, 12

Commentary 1: Sharing and Responding to Day-to-Day Ethics Challenges in Health Research.

Journal article

Molyneux S. and Marsh V., (2019), Journal of empirical research on human research ethics : JERHRE, 14, 513 - 515

Dissecting the molecular evolution of fluoroquinolone-resistant Shigella sonnei

Journal article

Chung The H. et al, (2019), Nature Communications, 10

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