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Global Health Challenges SeminarS

Seminar series coordinated by Health Systems Collaborative in Oxford with Oxford-linked Africa and Asia Programmes

  1. What counts as interdisciplinary research and Tackling AMR 7th October – 9-11am UK time - Register
  2. Introducing new technologies and changing practices - 21st October – 9-10.30am UK time- Register
  3. Ensuring medicine quality - 4th November – 9-10.30am UK time - Register
  4. Strengthening patient experience and outcomes through pathways of care - 25th November – 9-10.30am UK time - Register

TropMed webinars

Interested in The first 1000 days of life in resource-limited settings? Watch the recording of Rose McGready's presentation on the 2nd July, First 1000 days of life and pregnancy: nutrition, infection, mental health and access to care in resource-limited settings

Recording of the presentation from Professor Jay Berkley will be available soon.

Rose McGready

Watch all recorded TropMed webinars


Check the AfOx website for upcoming insakas

Seminar room with the text AfOx insaka

The AfOx insakas are a platform to share ideas and knowledge about Africa-focused research with speakers from diverse and varied academic disciplinesI

Oxford Tropical Medicine Day

World experts on TB, public health, dengue, typhus and leprosy gave us an update about their research for Oxford Tropical Medicine Day in November 2020. View recordings of Oxford Tropical Medicine Day presentations

Composition of several images representing the tropics, with a paddy field, a boat on a river, a temple, houses on stilts on a river, and tropical food


Medicine Quality & Public Health Conference 2018

Tropical Medicine Seminars