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About the course

Video: Introduction to MSc IHTM.

Awards for IHTM

IHTM prides itself on the quality of teaching and we are continually looking to innovate our content and delivery. We are proud to have received numerous awards for our teaching.

7 Oxford Student Union Teaching Awards : 4 Medical Science Division Teaching Awards : 2 Public Engagement Awards

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The MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine (IHTM) is a full-time one-year multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programme examining major challenges to the health of populations in resource-limited contexts.

“This is a course for talented global health change makers. We provide future leaders with a strong foundation to critically engage with the range of evidence informing global health decisions. We also support the development of soft skills in communication, management and teamwork to further enhance the impact our graduates have in their respective contexts."

Professor Proochista Ariana, IHTM Course Director

The course aims to develop students':

  • capacity to lead and work in multidisciplinary teams to tackle health challenges in resource-limited settings;
  • ability to apply an ethical approach to address inequities;
  • foundational skills in research techniques applied in the analysis of global health challenges;
  • capacity to critically appraise evidence in global health;
  • skills and practical experience in research.

After completing the course, students continue to advance their knowledge, understanding and skills in research or professional practice in the field of global health. Read more about the impact of IHTM.

IHTM Vision

Developing an international network of global health leaders collaborating to advance sustainable, intersectoral solutions to address persistent and emerging public health challenges.

IHTM Mission

Educating professionals committed to leading positive change in low resource contexts.  Providing them with the skills and opportunities to collaborate across cultural and disciplinary boundaries to identify and develop creative solutions for existing and emerging national, regional and/or global health challenges.


The 2021 2022 IHTM students with their course certificatesOur graduates have gone on to leadership and research positions within institutions in their home countries and with major international health organisations. We currently have a growing alumni network of 175 students from 56 countries and a broad range of disciplines from anthropology to engineering to medicine. We currently have alumni in:

  • Ministries of health in Liberia, Fiji, East Timor, Bangladesh, Japan, Pakistan, Brazil, Seychelles and Thailand
  • International organisations such as WHO, PAHO, FAO, WFP, World Bank, UNDP, MSF, UNICEF
  • Research institutes in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico
  • Further study at Oxford, Cambridge, UCT, among others.  

IHTM alumni work in wide-ranging global health contexts, applying the skills and experience they gained from IHTM. Examples include:

  • Overseeing paediatric projects in West Central Africa and Latin America for MSF.
  • Evidence based health policy generation in Liberia.
  • Improving the quality of trauma care in Africa - The African Trauma Initiative.
  • Economic evaluations of social interventions for children in Nigeria
  • Researching emerging infectious diseases at the University of Oxford Pandemic Sciences Institute, and icddr,b in Bangladesh.
  • Building health research capacity in the Seychelles
  • Development of digital vaccine passports in Thailand
  • Social impact projects targeting family planning and primary health care in Nigeria
  • Mathematical modelling to combat COVID-19 in Kyrgystan.

Find out more about IHTM alumni.