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Proochista Ariana introduces the course content

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Course content can vary and is regularly reviewed to ensure it is topical and relevant.

Public Engagement with IHTM

MSc IHTM through students' eyes

Video: IHTM alumni talk about the course

Hilary term

During the second term, in addition to some continued core content, students select two of the following options for further study:

  • Development, Environment and Health
  • International Development and Health
  • Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases
  • Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health
  • Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Vaccinology

This term also includes a public debate at the Oxford Union and a visit to the Houses of Parliament where students present policy briefs to UK policy makers. In addition, students work independently to prepare their project proposals for their third term placements. 

Michaelmas Term

The first term consists of core topics on research methods, an overview of global health challenges, and topics related to the research and practice of global health. Leadership Management and Communication Training is an exciting component of IHTM that is taught across all three terms. First term core modules include:

  • Paradigms and Tools for Global Health: introduces students to the various methods used in global health: epidemiology, statistics, health economics, and social sciences for health 
  • Challenges and Change in International Health:  covers health challenges in resource limited contexts and stimulates discussions around innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Global Health Research and Practice:  introduces important topics such as global health research ethics, health systems and policy research, health programme evaluation and  outbreak investigation.

The first term has a high number of contact hours and encourages peer learning. There are numerous group activities both inside and outside the classroom. The term also includes several problem based learning assignments to encourage group work and synthesis of information across the modules.  

The IHTM students are standing outside the Houses of Parliament

Sunset in Bangladesh

Trinity term

The third term involves an eight-week placement (travel and accommodation is funded by the course) with a global health project in a resource limited setting. Projects (which change from year to year depending on research currently underway) represent the range of subjects covered in the course. We have established a series of projects hosted by the Oxford Tropical Network in various geographic regions. The placement project forms the basis of an independent 10,000-word dissertation to be submitted six weeks after the return from placement. 

View the latest research placements undertaken by IHTM students.

Students are also provided with media training during the third term to further enhance their communication skills.