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Paxlovid® clears COVID-19 more rapidly than molnupiravir, say Oxford researchers


In the first ever direct comparison between the two leading COVID antivirals molnupiravir and nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid®), researchers report in this week’s Lancet Infectious Diseases that while both drugs worked, nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid®) was more effective, clearing the virus from the throat more rapidly than molnupiravir.

Oxford University is the world’s top university for a record eighth year

Awards & Appointments General

The University of Oxford has once again topped the Times Higher Education World University Rankings as the best university in the world for a record eighth consecutive year. The rankings – announced in Sydney, Australia today – rate 1,904 universities from 108 countries around the world.

New evidence supports higher dose antimalarial to combat relapsing malaria


Analysis of data from more than 6,800 patients located across 16 countries has supported the need to increase the dose of the antimalarial drug, primaquine, in Plasmodium vivax malaria endemic countries.

Decolonisation and Global Health Research Exchange Network Meeting

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

The Decolonisation and Global Health Research Exchange Network led by Sassy Molyneux and Dorcas Kamuya, convened a meeting in Kilifi on 29th – 31st August 2023. The meeting brought together 20 participants from Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Malaysia, UK and Australia.

Three CTMGH researchers awarded Professorships

Awards & Appointments KWTRP MORU OUCRU

We are delighted to announce that three of our researchers have been awarded the Professor title, in recognition of their research achievements, contribution to teaching, and contribution to the general work of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

AfOx Graduate Scholars


The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) is delighted to introduce the 2023 cohort of AfOx graduate scholars at the University of Oxford. The 45 AfOx scholars are from 11 African countries spread across Northern, Eastern, Middle, Southern and Western Africa. Over 66 % of the 2023 AfOx Graduate scholars are female.

Identifying factors for maternal and foetal mortality from malaria


A study coordinated by NDM researchers published in BMC Medicine explores the factors predicting higher mortality in pregnant women with severe malaria and describes how severe falciparum malaria in pregnancy affects foetal health and mortality.

Large-scale Study Examines Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Tuberculosis Control in Indonesia


A new study published in The Lancet Global Health highlights the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tuberculosis (TB) control in Indonesia, the nation with the second highest TB burden globally and the second highest burden of COVID-19 in the Asian region.

New model evaluates a path to tracking leprosy elimination


A special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on challenges and opportunities in the fight against neglected tropical diseases has been released today. This special issue, compiled and edited by Kathryn Forbes, Maria-Gloria Basáñez, Déirdre Hollingsworth and Roy M. Anderson, celebrates progress made since the 2012 London Declaration on NTDs and discusses challenges currently faced to achieve these goals.

Researchers call for standardisation of antibiotics to help fight resistance


The ABACUS II Consortium, which includes the Medicine Quality Research Group, published a new viewpoint calling for the standardisation of antibiotics appearance and better information around usage. Changes to the appearance of antibiotic medicines could help avoid confusion and reduce misuse. These measures could help reduce antibiotic resistance, an urgent and global problem that is growing every year.

New collaboration to improve clinical research in low-resource settings


Four major clinical trial networks, including Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, The Global Health Network, hosted by NDM’s Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, based in low-resource settings are embarking on an exciting partnership with the Good Clinical Trials Collaborative (GCTC) to enhance clinical research in low-resource settings.

Rapid Funding for COVID-19 Research in Low-Resource Settings


In a research letter published in The Lancet, the authors including Professor Philippe Guerin, Director of the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory, hosted by NDM’s Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, emphasised the critical need for equity in the allocation of research funding, especially in the context of epidemic response efforts.

New collaboration to tackle antibiotic-resistant sepsis in African newborns


The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme from NDM has participated in a new European-African consortium to improve the way infections in newborns are treated. This project, called SNIP-AFRICA, aims to reduce mortality among neonates in hospitals with sepsis in Africa, in an era of increasing antimicrobial resistance.

World Hepatitis Day: OUCRU research seeks to lower cost of treatment and improve access to care for patients with Hepatitis C


According to the World Health Organisation, 10-15% of Vietnam’s population is estimated to have viral hepatitis, including 1,07 million people who have Hepatitis C. Over 90% of those who have Hepatitis C are not aware of their positive status. OUCRU, the Hospital for Tropical Diseases (Ho Chi Minh City), and Vietnam’s National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (Hanoi) have been collaborating on Hepatitis C clinical trials since 2018. Our research is centred around predictive factors for selecting persons who could be successfully treated with shorter durations of antiviral therapy for Hepatitis C.

FORESFA Edinburgh meeting stimulates discussion

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

The second annual FORESFA meeting, held in Edinburgh, stimulated discussion on forensic investigations of falsified medicines and engagement with potential implementers.

Study reviews variability in white blood cell count in patients uncomplicated malaria


A new WWARN study, which looked at the variability in white blood cell (WBC) count in patients with uncomplicated malaria, found that using the assumed value of WBC in the calculation of parasite density led to a significant underestimation of parasite count for children and potentially sub-optimal treatment.

The Global Health Network Conference Proceedings 2022

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

The Global Health Network Conference Proceedings 2022 – a collection of abstracts for the "Enabling Health Research in Every Healthcare Setting Conference", held on 24–25 November 2022 at the University of Cape Town, South Africa – are now published.

KWTRP Media Engagement

Conferences & meetings KWTRP

KWTRP hosted journalists from South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya who visited the programme for a tour that aimed to enrich the journalists’ training experience as part of a science communication training workshop for journalists in Mombasa. The team interacted with Dr Eunice Nduati who presented on IAVI work and they toured the research labs. The training will empower the journalists to communicate scientific concepts accurately and effectively to a broader audience.

Hypertension Control in Rural Africa(IHCoR) NIHR Global Health Research Group meeting

Conferences & meetings KWTRP

KWTRP hosted the Improving Hypertension Control in Rural Africa (IHCoR) NIHR Global Health Research Group meeting dubbed the Kilifi Dialogues. The meeting brought together more than 30 leading researchers from various parts of the world to discuss the landscape of hypertension research in sub-Saharan Africa.

DPhil forum enables cross-department discussions and sharing on implementation science and health systems research

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

Over 50 students and research staff across 11 departments attended a one-day DPhil forum on implementation science and health systems research on July 10th, organised by the Health Systems Collaborative group, NDM-Centre for Global Health Research with support from the Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society.

Opportunities and Challenges in Applying Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health Technologies in Viet Nam


Digital health and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform healthcare, making health care management more efficient and accessible. However, a new paper by Ho Quang Chanh et al, detailed why engagement with policymakers, local patients and healthcare workers, and integrating with local systems and practice are crucial to ensure that digital health technologies can thrive in low- and middle-income settings.

Prominent Indonesian scientist and health policy expert visits Nuffield Department of Medicine

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

Professor Ali Ghufron Mukti, the President Director of the Indonesian Social Security Administering Body for Health (BPJS Kesehatan) visited the Nuffield Department of Medicine on 29th June 2023. He was hosted by colleagues within the Health Systems Collaborative group, Centre for Global Health Research, which shares the overall departmental vision of Universal Health.

KWTRP School Leavers Attachment Scheme

KWTRP Public Engagement

This year’s School Leavers Attachment Scheme (SLAS) cohort have successfully concluded. The cohort included 9 students drawn from secondary schools in Kilifi who scored highest in aptitude tests and interviews. The 3-month attachment, which started from 1st March to 31st May, involved two-week long rotations in the HSRE, Neuro, ICT, Labs, Wards and ED departments and bi-weekly tutorials.

Dr Marlous Grijsen Awarded the International Award for Social Responsibility in Dermatology


The OUCRU Indonesia project, “Improving access to skincare through teledermatology in Eastern Indonesia”, is one of five laureates selected this year from 193 applications in 66 countries by an independent scientific committee of five dermatologists and ILDS board members.

GloPID-R Funders Living Roadmap - supporting stronger coordination of clinical trial responses to epidemics and pandemics


IHTM Course Adviser and lecturer, Dr Alice Norton, has led a highly collaborative effort to develop and launch a new tool for agencies funding global clinical trials – the GloPID-R Funders Living Roadmap.

Collaborative effort produce case report forms for visceral leishmaniasis


A first in neglected tropical diseases, a global collaboration of the visceral leishmaniasis (VL) community has developed freely available, annotated case report forms (CRF) to accelerate research both into uncomplicated VL and specifically for patients with HIV-VL co-infection.

Achieving maternal, newborn, and child health

Conferences & meetings KWTRP NDM-CGHR

KWTRP and HSC researchers attended the International Maternal and Newborn Health Conference 8-11 May 2023 in Capetown, South Africa. This conference is held biannually to track progress made towards achieving maternal, newborn, and child health SDG targets as we get to 2030.

Researchers identify potential diagnostic markers of Japanese encephalitis, a leading cause of brain infection in Asia


Work by Oxford DPhil could pave way towards a rapid diagnostic test for a disease that puts millions at risk across Asia-Pacific

KWTRP Gender, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy


KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) has put in place the Gender, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy to provide guidelines to be followed in the management of the Programme human resources to ensure consistency and compliance with the labour laws in the application of all policies across the Programme.

New project to collaboratively assess the drivers of recrudescent and persistent trachoma


While 17 countries have now achieved trachoma elimination status, there is still work to be done, with trachoma responsible for the blindness or visual impairment of about 1.9 million people worldwide. Collaborators are being invited to join a new research project aimed at assessing the drivers for persistent and recrudescent trachoma.

Reflections on research placements in 2023


The 2022-2023 IHTM cohort are currently on research placements across the globe. Some of the students took time to reflect on what they have learnt.

Two CTMGH students receive awards from the Oxford Student Union

Awards & Appointments NDM-CGHR

Congratulations to Gloria Ngaiza, winner of the Race Equality Award, and to Abdulazeez Imam, winner of the Student Voice Award. The Race Equality Award recognises students who are working to help racialised members of the University and have been involved in the fight against racism at Oxford. The Student Voice Award Acknowledges students who have amplified the students’ views and priorities through representation and campaigning on behalf of their peers.

WWARN collaboration provides a global picture of submicroscopic malaria in pregnancy


A new WWARN study involving a collaboration of 107 researchers has provided unique insights in the epidemiology of submicroscopic malaria in pregnancy.

Healthcare for 17,000 islands: How Indonesia achieved almost Universal Health Coverage in under 10 years

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

In this talk with question and answer session, Prof Mukti will discuss the innovations and thinking behind this extraordinary health insurance scheme and how it has achieved its level of coverage in under a decade

DPhil Forum on Implementation Science and Health Systems Research

Conferences & meetings NDM-CGHR

Join our upcoming DPhil Forum, for current or aspiring DPhil Students at the University of Oxford who are involved in Implementation Science and Health Systems Research. Come and learn from current DPhil students. This event primarily targets DPhil Students but is also open to MSc Students and other research staff, both in Oxford and in our overseas Africa and Asia Programmes.

How mathematical modelling can support policy decision making


Researchers at the Kemri Wellcome Trust in collaboration with colleagues from various modelling groups and the World Health Organization have designed a framework to guide the use of mathematical modelling in evidence-based policy decision making.

IHTM student addresses Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly, WHA76


IHTM student, Amal Mohamed, who is currently studying the MSc, spoke at the Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly representing her country Sudan.

Four CTMGH researchers awarded Associate Professorships

Awards & Appointments KWTRP MORU OUCRU

We are delighted to announce that four of our researchers have been awarded the Associate Professor title, in recognition of their research achievements, contribution to teaching, and contribution to the general work of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

OUCRU Project Raises Vaccination Uptake in Ethnic Minority Communities in Dak Lak, Viet Nam


OUCRU, in collaboration with Dak Lak’s Department of Health and Centre for Disease Control (CDC), developed a training programme to enhance the capacity of commune vaccine staff, with a particular focus on supporting their communication about the vaccines and vaccination process.

In Memoriam: Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski


We regret to announce the passing of Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski, Professor of Tropical Paediatrics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, and a renowned researcher who dedicated his life to the research on malaria. Prof Kwiatkowski passed away in April 2023 at the age of 69.

New study highlights the evidence gap on the quality of antiretrovirals globally


A new study suggests that, although there is sparse evidence, substandard and falsified antiretrovirals occur and enhanced surveillance is needed.

Global team of humanities and social science researchers to explore Just Transitions for antimicrobial resistance


'Just Transitions to mitigate antimicrobial resistance' is a multidisciplinary social science and humanities programme funded by the British Academy. Led by Dr Sonia Lewycka and Professor Phaik Yeong Cheah, its team of 20 researchers will convene global and regional dialogues, engaging with key stakeholders to co-create equitable and sustainable solutions to manage antimicrobial resistance.

Public Engagement in Vaccine Uptake projects at OUCRU

OUCRU OUCRU-Nepal Public Engagement

Vaccines are the most effective and affordable way to prevent diseases. The pandemic led to a lag in immunisation for essential vaccines – 25 million children worldwide missed out on vaccination in 2021, according to WHO. At OUCRU, in addition to research and collaborations on various vaccine projects, we are committed to public and community engagement and education around vaccines. Look at some engagement projects that help raise awareness about vaccination and build the capacity for frontline healthcare workers, especially in rural areas.

Human Resource for Health Stakeholder Engagement


The KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme hosted various stakeholders for a discussion on Human Resource for Health in Kenya. The meeting discussions centered on themes around health workforce production, the impact of health workforce on quality of care and health workforce governance and management.

Public Engagement projects at MSc IHTM

NDM-CGHR Public Engagement

Students at the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford, talk about their public engagement projects.

Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System 20th Anniversary


The Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System, housed within the Epidemiology and Demography Department of the KEMRI Kilifi Wellcome Trust Research Programme, celebrated two decades of its existence. The event was an opportunity for the team to reflect on its values, strengths and connect with the future.

Webinar: African country experiences with institutionalizing Health Technology Assessment


Health Economics Research Unit, based at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, in collaboration with Africa Health Technology Assessment Network and Africa Health Economics Association, hosted a webinar on African country experiences with institutionalizing Health Technology Assessment. This approach to evidence-based priority setting provides a mechanism for making choices about purchasing decisions in the health system.

IHTM Ethics Lead wins 3.4 million euro Wellcome Discovery Award


Caesar Atuire, who is the Ethics Lead for IHTM and a philosopher and health ethicist from Ghana, has received 3.4 million euros over 5 years from the Wellcome Discovery Awards to fund a project on global solidarity. 'Moving beyond Solidarity Rhetoric in Global Health: Pluriversality and Actionable Tools.'

Fight against drug-resistant malaria in critical new phase: “We are in danger of losing our current antimalarial drugs to resistance.”


On World Malaria Day 2023, the global fight against malaria has hit a critical point in Africa. Recent studies have confirmed that malaria parasites resistant to artemisinin have emerged in Rwanda, Uganda and the Horn of Africa.

After reviewing progress on improving global medicine quality, participants plan next global conference


On 23 March, experts in medicine quality and substandard and falsified (SF) medicines gathered in Oxford for an informal one-day meeting following the workshop ‘The relationship between substandard and falsified antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance and patient outcomes’. Over 60 participants from multiple countries attended the meeting in the Theatre of the Department of Sociology at Oxford, and participated in focussed discussions and intense sharing of challenges and successes in medicine quality and countering SF medicines. Mainly from academia, participants also included representatives from international organisations, the private sector and NGOs.

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