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The NDM Centre for Global Health Research brings together internationally recognised Oxford-based academic groups, networks and consortia that address major public health issues with partners across the globe. The NDM Centre for Global Health Research is also the base for postgraduate studies in Tropical Medicine and International Health at DPhil and MSc levels.

Flodded field

The NDM Centre for Global Health Research is an Oxford-based programme allied to the Africa and Asia Programmes (AAP) within The Centre for Tropical Medicine & Global Health (CTMGH).

Our Centre in Oxford houses world-leading infectious disease, public health and health systems research and knowledge sharing initiatives that have a direct policy and practice impact. It complements the wider CTMGH which, through Africa and Asia Programmes (AAP) that are the result of over 30 years of collaboration with LMICs, have a unique assembly of research in infectious diseases spanning fundamental biology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment as well as in mathematical modelling, geospatial epidemiology, research in the community, health economics, health systems and research ethics.

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We collaborate widely with strong international partnerships beyond the AAP while housing the administrative teams for the entire CTM&GH. We offer DPhil training in a wide variety of global health areas, a highly successful MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine supported by teaching from AAP researchers, and plan to launch a new MSc in Global Health Modelling in 2021.

Our research has the overarching goal of improving the health of the most vulnerable by:

  • Advancing equitable international research collaborations and mutual learning, especially through training and capacity building
  • Promoting research links across Oxford’s Divisions and Schools to foster multi-disciplinary research, and provide LMIC partners, students and alumni, and UK scientists with opportunities to develop their skills
  • Providing a vibrant academic 'home' in Oxford that offers training, meeting and office space to promote engagement with scientists from the AAP and other collaborations
  • Developing opportunities and environment for LMIC and UK scientists to develop their global health research careers
  • Better communicating with policy makers and the public about the science conducted across the CTMGH

The Oxford-based research groups are working on six mutually reinforcing themes:

  • Tackle current and emerging threats to health, for example, infections, AMR, sub-standard medicines and health system weaknesses
  • Promote improvements in research practice so that trials and studies produce better data to enable data sharing and harness the power of secondary analyses
  • Share existing knowledge and offer training with global reach to address needs, and provide young researchers with the foundation they need to launch successful careers
  • Examine how countries can implement effective and evidence-based practices, technologies and innovations to improve health
  • Enhance policy links, as the UK aims to pursue a new more outward looking global agenda, and public engagement strategies to build understanding
  • Conduct applied research to strengthen health and research systems, through comparative research, health service redesign, effective governance and appropriate ethical oversight

Download our Themes brochure (PDF) - for accessibility, download our accessible Themes brochure (PDF text-only). This brochure describes the various themes underlying research at NDM-CGHR: Better data and evidence, Innovation and implementation, Sharing knowledge and strengthening capacity, Enhancing policy and practice, Strengthening healh and research systems

Over the past decade, Oxford-based research has grown, mostly with researchers returning from the AAP to pursue research from a UK base. The Centre in Oxford has provided a flexible approach to establish research groups: