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TropMed webinars

Our researchers in Oxford and in our overseas units in Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya share their research with the wider Oxford Tropical Network community

TropMed webinars 2022

Konnie Bellingham: Substandard and falsified antibiotics: neglected drivers of antimicrobial resistance? Feb 22

Konnie Bellingham, researcher at the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory and based in LOMWRU, Lao PDR, presents her work on the quality of antibiotics

Ryan Walker: Priorities for Pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 Pandemic, February 2022

Ryan Walker, DPhil student at The Global Health Network, tells us about identifying priorities for pharmacovigilance in LMICs during the COVID-19 pandemic

TropMed webinars 2021

Global Health Challenges webinar series

Seminar series coordinated by Health Systems Collaborative with Africa and Asia Programmes,  Oct-Nov 2021. Watch Global Health Challenges recordings

Composite image of (1) A healthcare worker talking to two women, in India; (2) PPE items drying on racks: (3) African newborns in bassinets

  1. What counts as interdisciplinary research and Tackling AMR
  2. Introducing new technologies and changing practices
  3. Ensuring medicine quality
  4. Strengthening patient experience and outcomes through pathways of care

Watch recordings of the Global Health Challenges webinar series

Rose McGready: First 1000 days of life and pregnancy, July 2021

Professor Rose McGready from our SMRU unit at the border between Thailand and Myanmar, tells us about her research on the first 1000 days of life and pregnancy: nutrition, infection, mental health and access to care in resource-limited settings

RECOVERY trial, one year on, the world’s largest clinical trial for COVID-19 treatments, Apr21

One year after launching, the trial continues to assess potential treatments and is now expanding internationally. Hear the inside story from trial leaders, clinicians and a patient involved in the study.

Jeremy Day: Improving outcomes from HIV-associated infections in Vietnam, February 2021

Professor Jeremy Day from our OUCRU unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, tells us about his research on better treatments for HIV-patients suffering from brain fungal infections

Eduard Sanders: Undiagnosed and not targeted: failing the HIV prevention and care goals, Feb21

Professor Eduard Sanders from our KWTRP unit in Kilifi, Kenya, tells us about his research on HIV prevention and care

TropMed webinars 2020

Paul Turner: AMR surveillance in LMICs, October 2020

Paul Turner from our COMRU unit in Cambodia tells us about the pressing need for quality laboratory data in low and middle income countries, for better antimicrobial resistance surveillance

Rogier van Doorn: AMR surveillance data, October 2020

Rogier van Doorn from our OUCRU unit in Hanoi, Vietnam, tells us about AMR surveillance data, from antibiotic susceptibility testing results to treatment regimen

James Lee: MERMAIDS acute respiratory infection, June 2020

James Lee from ERGO/ISARIC in Oxford tells us about the MERMAIDS-ARI project, observational studies for acute respiratory infection (ARI) in adults, a European collaboration of 8 countries with patients recruited from primary and secondary care

Ambrose Agweyu: Childhood pneumonia in Kenya, June 2020

Ambrose Agweyu KWTRP in Nairobi tells us about implementation research to improve guidelines, care and outcomes for childhood pneumonia in Kenya

Louise Sigfrid: ISARIC epidemic preparedness, Apr 2020

Louise Sigfrid from ISARIC in Oxford tells us about ISARIC epidemic clinical research preparedness and COVID-19 response

Le Van Tan: Asymptomatic SARS-COV-2 in Vietnam, Apr 2020

Le Van Tan from OUCRU tells us about the natural history and transmission potential of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Results of the clinical study are available on medRxiv

Conall Watson: Ebola ring vaccination, Feb 2020

ERGO Researcher Conall Watson describes the epidemiological design and development of “Ebola ça Suffit”, the ring vaccination efficacy trial deployed in Guinea during the West African epidemic.

Ifedayo Adetifa: Vaccine impact studies & vaccine policy, Feb 2020

Ifedayo Adetifa from our KWTRP unit in Kilifi, Kenya, speaks about Vaccine impact studies and implications for vaccine policy: case studies from Kenya.

TropMed webinars 2019

Chris Paton: Open Science and AI in Healthcare, June 2019

Chris Paton from Oxford Global Health & Care Systems at the University of Oxford speaks about open science approach to artificial intelligence in healthcare

Joel Tarning: World Malaria Day, April 2019 Seminar

Professor Joel Tarning (MORU) presents highlights on population PK/PD modelling to assess the dosing of antimalarial drugs in vulnerable groups.