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Funded by Wellcome, ACORN (A Clinically-Oriented antimicrobial Resistance Network) is an AMR surveillance project that collects clinical and microbiology data on community- and hospital-acquired infections. ACORN will assess the impacts of AMR on the duration of hospitalisation and mortality in collaboration with the WHO Global AMR Surveillance System (GLASS) team.

The group of people who attended the network meeting, standing in front of a screen showing the tittle 'A Clinically-Oriented antimicrobial Resistance Network'

The MORU-OUCRU ACORN AMR Network held its first in-person investigator meeting in Bangkok, 14-16 March. Over three very productive days, the site teams discussed progress to date, challenges and potential solutions, and future plans. The ACORN central team presented analysis plans and led feedback, data management, and laboratory quality sessions. We were fortunate to have Dr Carmem Pessoa da Silva, head of WHO GLASS, to give a keynote talk on AMR surveillance from the global perspective and Dr Martine Barons, University of Warwick, to walk us through the challenges and potentials of using artificial intelligence for decision support in the AMR space. The meeting was a great success and served to re-energise everyone as ACORN starts the second year of data collection. To learn more, visit the ACORN website.


- Thank you, Paul Turner, for text and photo.