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22th April is Earth Day. As important as clinical research, at OUCRU, we are also committed to promoting environmental activities and encouraging a culture of sustainability. Our initiatives include a dedicated Green Team and several activities, one of which is the Green Day event. The OUCRU Green Team is a group of passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to equip our office with eco-friendly systems and inspire staff to adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Group photo of OUCRU Green Team

On the most recent Green Day, held on 28th March 2024, over 250 environmentally conscious OUCRU staff members gathered. The event, led by the OUCRU Green Team, featured engaging activities, presentations from local green businesses about sustainable reusable alternatives, and informative talks about glass recycling.

To make the event more engaging and enjoyable, the Green Team organised a quiz game about plastic pollution. The game aimed to disseminate important information and raise awareness about environmental issues in Vietnam.

A key highlight of the event was an informative presentation by I-O BJC, a Vietnamese recycle glass manufacturer. Their representative discussed the glass production process, featured old glass bottles they collected, and its influence on waste management. This session led to the collection of 50kg of glass and the potential establishment of a long-term glass recycling system, a joint venture between OUCRU and I-O BJC.

Another impressive accomplishment from the event was the collection of 500kg of used clothing and goods for donation. Our objective is not only to prevent waste from ending up in landfills, but also to emphasise the importance of recycling and reducing consumption.

Received positive feedback from participants, both OUCRU and OUCRU Green Team are confident to continue the commitment to lead sustainable practices and initiatives to promote a green lifestyle within our community and beyond.

The full story is available on the OUCRU website