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In a world driven by innovation and technology, healthcare remains a cornerstone of society. Understanding the healthcare system's challenges is crucial for professionals and the public. As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering knowledge and awareness the Health Systems Collaborative (HSC) team participated in community engagement as a part of the IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival. This event allowed participants to explore the human resources for health challenges while highlighting our work to address these issues in the UK and worldwide.

Attakrit Leckcivilize, Gloria Ngaiza, Desire Habonimana
Attakrit Leckcivilize (Postdoctoral scientist), Gloria Ngaiza (DPhil student) and Desire Habonimana (DPhil student)

7th October 2023 - Part of the IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival, this event centred around two patient journeys:

Patient Journey 1: Chronic Back Pain and Surgery

One of the patient journeys we presented was that of an individual suffering from chronic back pain, necessitating surgical intervention. This scenario is common, as millions worldwide struggle with chronic pain and require medical assistance. Using a combination of simulation magnets, our diverse audience stepped into this patient's shoes. They embarked on a journey, navigating various departments and seeing multiple health professionals from admission to discharge. This hands-on approach allowed participants to understand health professionals' roles better.

Patient journey boardPatient journey board

Patient Journey 2: Young Patient with Leg Injury

In the second journey, we delved into the life of a young patient who had met with an accident, resulting in a leg injury requiring treatment and a cast. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and understanding the recovery journey is essential for fostering empathy and awareness. By interacting with simulation magnets, our diverse audience explored the care process for a patient in an emergency and discussed health professionals required.

Human Resource Challenges in Healthcare

Following each patient journey, we engaged in open discussions about the vital issue of human resource allocation in healthcare, particularly within the National Health Service (NHS). The challenges of ensuring an adequate workforce to meet the growing demands of healthcare can't be understated. The discussions were thoughtful and eye-opening as participants shared their insights and perspectives.

We underlined the importance of addressing these challenges within the UK and in our international work. Our team is dedicated to supporting and improving healthcare systems globally, and these discussions illuminated the commonalities in resource allocation issues faced by healthcare professionals worldwide.

We discussed our commitment to making healthcare accessible, efficient and equitable. By engaging with the community, we hope to raise awareness about these critical issues and get support for our efforts to tackle resource allocation challenges, making healthcare a better experience for all. We are immensely grateful to our diverse audience for their participation and look forward to future engagements to continue positively impacting healthcare. Together, we can make a difference.

To read more about our work, visit the Health System Collaborative page