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As part of the global efforts to raise awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) during World AMR Awareness Week, OUCRU Nepal has been actively engaging in public outreach activities since 2016. These initiatives aim to educate and empower individuals to take action in preventing the spread of AMR and promote responsible antibiotic use in the country.

Participants to an interactive Public Engagement activity in Nepal

Nepal is one of the major contributors to the growing burden of AMR due to widespread irrational use of antibiotics along with poor health care systems poor infection control and prevention measures. The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has attempted to address the issue of AMR by the release of a National Antibiotics Treatment Guidelines in 2014.

One of the key public engagement activities in Nepal is the organisation of interactive events in the public and in the community, using innovative approaches. This includes movie screening, doodle competitions, flash-mob dancing, theatre performances, and singing contest. These creative mediums help to engage a diverse audience, ranging from senior members of the community to young professionals and students. They effectively communicate the significance of responsible antibiotic use and explore potential solutions.

Furthermore, this year, OUCRU Nepal proudly showcases outstanding and captivating performances from the community. Participants danced along to the project’s theme song, titled “The Song of Antibiotics.” This song not only uses a culturally appropriate approach and melody to convey the complex concept of Antimicrobial Resistance to the general public but also emphasises the participation of local people. It encourages them to spread the key message of AMR, which is to use the right medicine, in the right dose, at the right time, and for the right people.

The full story is available on the OUCRU website.