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The endemicity of Dengue virus (DENV) infection remains a major public health problem in Lao PDR. In this study, we compared two commercial anti-dengue IgM ELISA kits, Panbio® Dengue IgM Capture ELISA (Panbio Kit, Alere, Waltham, MA, USA) and DEN DetectTM MAC-ELISA (InBios kit, InBios International, Inc., Seattle, WA, USA), in the context of diagnosis of patients admitted to hospital with clinical dengue presentation. Two panels of paired blood samples were tested. Panel A was composed of 54 dengue confirmed patients (by DENV real-time RT-PCR) and 11 non-dengue dengue patients (other infections confirmed by corresponding PCR results). Panel B included 74 patients randomly selected from consecutive patients admitted to Mahosot Hospital in 2008 with suspicion of dengue fever according to WHO criteria. Results from panel A showed significantly better sensitivity for Panbio kit (64.8%; 95%CI: 50.6–77.3%) than for InBios kit (18.5%; 95%CI: 9.3–31.4%) when testing admission sera. Sensitivity was increased for both kits when combining results from admission and convalescent sera. Concordant results were obtained from panel B with fair agreement (κ = 0.29) between both kits when testing single admission samples, and moderate agreement (κ = 0.5) when combining results from admission and convalescent sera.

Original publication





Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease



Publication Date





111 - 111